where to buy stiiizy near me – STIIIZY DTLA is focused on providing premium quality cannabis items. Get yours today!

where to buy stiiizy near me – Presenting the new age of cannabis – completely furnished with intelligent/visual workmanship establishments, restrictive STIIIZY merchandise, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg… STIIIZY DTLA is your one-stop search for everything cannabis and way of life! Visit now for a vivid cannabis experience like no other. Open every day from 8 AM – 9:45 PM; 18+ with medications//21+ as it were!

Every day DEALS where to buy stiiizy near me

MONDAY: Munchie Monday – 10% off on all BIIIT and All edibles!

TUESDAY: PREROLL Tuesday – 10% off on all pre rolls!! Or on the other hand BOGO half OFF on LIIIT, 2EZ, Palmas prerolls. Purchase LIIIT/Palmas eighth get half off on LIIIT//Palmas prerolls!

WEDNESDAY: Wax Wednesday – 10% off on ALL concentrate (Including cartridges and units)

THURSDAY : Toke UP Thursday – 10% off on all blossom and 10% off CBD items

FRIDAY : LIIIT Friday – 10% off ALL FLOWER!

SATURDAY: STIIIZY Saturday – all STIIIZY units, batteries, LIIIL disposables and Apparel 10% off.

SUNDAY: Sunday Funday – ALL STIIIZY, LIIIT, LIIIL, BIIIT and Apparel are 10% off.

Premium LIIIT eighth BlOW OUT SALE!

3.5g – $22.50

7g – $45

14g – $90

1oz – $180

Recieve a free cord with your 14g LIIIT buy or a landyard and STIIIZY sack with a 1oz LIIIT buy!!

Palmas 8ths!

3.5g – $15

7g – $30

14g – $60

1oz – $120


Party time!!!





FTP: 10% off absolute buy!

Referral Deal: Refer a companion and get 300 focuses on your prizes card

Military: 10% off

Clinical (Must have California MMIC card) : 10% off

Birthday : $3.00 off

Leave a survey and recieve 100 focuses towards your store credit.


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