Assorted Flavors BIIIT – Sour Gummy Cubes



Buy stiiizy biiit – Our chewy candies are overflowing with flavor, accurately dosed, and low in calories. Perfect for smaller scale dosing. Unwind and loosen up each piece in turn.

100mg TOTAL THC (20 x 5mg portions)

Low calorie and Fat Free

Gluten Free

Grouped Flavors: Strawberry, Orange, Black Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, and Green Apple

Blue Raspberry BIIIT Sour Gummy Cubes Buy stiiizy biiit

However, Stiiizy chewy candies are overflowing with a great deal of flavor, making them delectable treats to get high on. Definitely dosed, with each sticky containing 5mg of THC, they are perfect for smaller scale dosing. Unwind and loosen up each piece in turn or take a few to make some great memories. Simply make a point to measure your resistance levels and take as much time as necessary becoming more acquainted with the item. Each tin contains 100mg of THC (20 x 5mg dosages) which makes it both versatile and watchful. Sans fat and furthermore sans gluten, these Blue Raspberry seasoned treats make certain to leave you needing more as they are an outright joy to eat.


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